5 Surprising Ways to Solve a Problem

Sometimes, confronting a problem head-on is not the solution. If you're really struggling with something right now, it might be time to take a radically difficult approach to solving it. Here are five unusual, but effective, ways to deal with the thing that concerns you most right now: Give up. It might seem like accepting defeat, but re-analyse your position and what you are trying to achieve. Might it be better to give up and live to fight another day? Do you need to quit on one project to allow another one a better chance of success? Is there something [...]

How To Get Out Of Bed As Soon As Your Alarm Goes Off

I overslept this morning. Actually, even though I almost always get out of bed before 6AM, I oversleep my alarm clock most mornings. I intend to get out of bed at 4:40AM and for quite a long period of my life I was able to comfortably do this. Then I had an illness and I have never been quite the same since as far as getting out of bed is concerned. I need to find a way to get back into the early start "groove." That's when I remembered this classic article, reproduced here for your benefit (with the full [...]

The Most Healthy Way To Eat Unhealthy Food

First of all, a disclaimer. Of course I'm not suggesting you should eat unhealthy food all the time, or even most of the time. And neither am I suggesting that by eating it in this way, you will avoid all the downsides associated with unhealthy food choices. Let's be honest with ourselves, though... Most of us eat food that our doctor would be horrified by at least once in a while. As entrepreneurs we are particularly vulnerable to this. Time is short, and healthy food is not always easy to get hold of quickly. In addition, we tend not to [...]

How To Make A Great Living By Not Charging For What You Do

This is one of the most instructive articles I have ever read. It's too good to keep to myself. If you've ever wished you could work out how to work less and earn more, you must read the following, so go and grab yourself a coffee (or tea!) and get into it without delay. Otherwise, print it off for later, or mark it as important so it doesn't get missed. Trust me, you won't regret the time you invest into reading this priceless advice. Enjoy! Best Wishes, Rob Vesey The Lift Letter™ - Building Your Success Story. How To Make a [...]

What Level of Leadership Have You Reached?

  We've been having quite a few questions about Level Five Leadership recently, so thought it worth devoting an issue of The Lift Letter™ to this game-changing subject introduced to us by our faithful companion on the road, Good to Great - Why Some Companies Make The Leap and Others Don't. The Level Five Leader is a very unusual individual. After much research, Jim Collins and his team concluded that there are essentially two types of people: those who have the seeds of Level Five Leadership within them, and those who are so blinded by their own ego that they will [...]

Flipping the Telescope Around

By Jason Leister RE: Flipping the telescope around... You know those cheap plastic telescopes you got as a kid? Calling them "telescopes" is probably stretching it a bit. As I remember, you couldn't see much out of those. When you flipped that telescope around and put the large lens up to your eye, everything shifted. What was a wider angle view of things got focused down very small on only a very few things. When I first got started in the client business, I was looking out of the "normal" end of thetelescope. I had a wide angle view. If [...]

The Surprisingly Simple Secret To Getting Motivated

Have you ever felt the pull of the greater good? That is, a strong desire to make improvements to the lives of others, to help persons who are labouring under circumstances of limitation and doubt? This, my friend is the surprisingly simple secret to getting motivated. As Jim Collins puts it in Good to Great, "Get involved in something that you care so much about that you want to make it the greatest it can possibly be, not because of what you will get, but just because it can be done."   The incredible satisfaction of bringing real help into [...]

The Mountain (I Need To Warn You About This)

Will you come with me for a few minutes? I promise not to waste your time. I want to show you something, and explain what it means for your future. I want to have a quiet word in your ear. A word to the wise, if you will. (Because smart people catch on fast.) Ready? Let's go. Walk this way. We are going to the foot of a towering, gloomy mountain. See how it shuts out the light of the valley floor below it? The closer we get to this mountain, the darker the sky becomes. Intimidating, isn't it? This vast pile [...]

The Best Complaint Letter Ever – And, What We Can Learn From It

Today we have something a bit different to share with you. It's arguably the world's best and most hilarious customer complaint letter. As always, though, there is a serious side to this. The letter, you will see, is incredibly interesting and easy to read. It is one of those rare pieces of writing that succeeds in connecting with the reader at a deeply emotional level. This is a skill anyone can learn to at least emulate. But without further ado, the letter in question, addressed to Richard Branson: Dear Mr Branson REF: Mumbai to Heathrow 7th December 2008 I love [...]

Building The Business of YOUR Dreams

When building (or considering building) the business of your dreams, it is all too easy to get caught out following the herd and doing what everyone else says it is important to do. Here Jason Leister shares an important reminder: work out what is really, really important to YOU and measure your plans against that. Jason's vision of an ideal business may not be the same as yours, and that's fine. As the old saying goes, there is no point in spending years climbing a ladder, only to finally get to the top and discover you leant it against the [...]